At TTS Real Estate, we offer effective, fuss-free property management.

Our no-nonsense, hands-on and transparent approach guarantees optimum results for you and your investment.


Our leasing approach will find you the perfect tenants for your property 4x faster than the competition

Detailed Reports

Digital online entry & routine inspection reports will ensure that your property is well maintained.

Minimise Risk Maximise Returns

At TTS Real Estate, we promptly respond to requests to reduce disputes and work towards caring for the landlord’s and tenant’s needs.


Over 30 years experience in property management our no-nonsense, hands-on and transparent approach guarantees optimum results for you and your investment.

6 quick steps to find the perfect tenants in 8 days

1. Marketing

We organise a professional photo shoot and launch an online advertising campaign to achieve the best return for your property.

2. Saturday & Sunday Opens

We open up your property for inspection on a Saturday and Sunday for longer than the standard 15 minutes to ensure we have captured everybody that's interested in leasing your property.

3. Thorough Screening

Screening potential tenants is our first task after the open for inspections. We make sure prior to recommending any tenant for your property that they confirm with our criteria.

4. Digital Lease Signing

Once you have approved a tenant we can email them the lease that they can sign digitally securing them instantly. Most agencies will have them sign the lease within 48 hours which can lead to them taking another property...we do it within the hour of you approving them.

5. Detailed Condition Reports
Click here to view sample

Thorough entry report is completed on your property prior to the tenants entering.
The sample report is of a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment and it speaks for itself.

6. Tenant Education

Prior to the tenants collecting the keys we highlight their responsibilities and requirements regarding your property to ensure that there aren't any misunderstandings during the tenancy.

With over 30 years experience you will peace of mind.

our property management process

Detailed Property Reports

Routine inspection conducted after the first 3 months of securing a new tenant then conducted every 6 months thereafter.


We have reliable trusted trades people that work on our rental properties. We advise tenants to report any problems asap and no works will take place without your approval.

Dealing with owners corporations

Any common area items that your tenants report ie: lift in an apartment block not working, we take the liberty in dealing with the body corporate and following up issues so they are dealt with in a timely manner.

Arrears - Zero Tolerance

We highlight the urgency to tenants prior to them signing the lease that we have zero tolerance for arrears and to always keep the line of communication open if they fall behind. We contact the tenants daily until the rent is up to date.


Upon renewing the lease we also advise of a rental increase. A rental CMA report is produced and provided to you to make an informed decision on the amount to increase to.


Our team has had extensive experience with V-CAT, with 133 new laws being added to the residential tenancies act this year its critical to know the rules and regulations to advise our landlords accordingly.

Our Mindset

We Have a mindset with everything we do to work towards maximizing your income and putting more money in your back pocket.  This is achieved by regular rent increases, negotiating tenancy renewals to reduce advertising costs and vacancy periods, and being proactive with our inspections to identify preventative maintenance issues.

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